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Term 100 Insurance, Your Lifetime Coverage Solution

term 100 life insurance

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What is a Term 100 Life Insurance ?

Term 100 life insurance is for individuals looking for a long-term solution. Also referred to as T100, it is a permanent policy that you have until you turn 100. You can opt into this insurance before you turn 85 years. Death benefits are guaranteed but there is no cash value component.

You will continue to be covered after your 100th Birthday, but no premiums are required. Term to 100 policies don’t have a cash-out option and dividend payments, so it only pays upon your death.

term 100 life insurance coverage

Benefits of 100 Life Insurance

  • Coverage for Life: Provides coverage for your entire lifetime or until the age of 100.
  • Fixed Premiums:  Term-100 life insurance provides the policy holder with fixed premiums. Once your premium rate is set, it remains the same for the duration of the policy.
  • Death Benefit: Term-100 life insurance pays out a death benefit to the named beneficiaries.

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