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Why Get a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?

When you have life insurance, you feel secure knowing your loved ones are protected. In the event of a death, life insurance will provide your loved ones with a tax-free death benefit, lump sum payment to help take care of their financial needs.

Permanent Life Insurance is a type of life insurance policy that provides lifelong coverage, compared to term life insurance that covers a specified term. It doesn’t expire as long as premiums are paid.

A death benefit could provide financial assistance with

  • mortgage payments,
  • support for a spouse,
  • funeral costs,
  • business expenses,
  • childcare costs,
  • tuition costs, and
  • everyday living expenses.

Tax Benefits: In Canada, the cash value of certain life insurance policies, such as whole life and indexed universal life, can grow tax-deferred and be accessed tax-free. This tax-efficient growth can supplement your retirement income without unnecessary tax liabilities.

Risk Mitigation: Life insurance can protect your retirement savings from unforeseen financial challenges, such as long-term care costs or market volatility.

Legacy Building: If you wish to leave a legacy for your beneficiaries or support charitable causes, life insurance can help these intentions

There Are Three Main Type Of Parmanent Life Insurance Products Available To Canadians

Whole Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Term-100 Life Insurance

whole life insurance
Whole Life Insurance

It offers a guaranteed death benefit, and your premium stays the same for as long as you live

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universal life insurance
Universal Life Insurance

It offers flexible premiums and the opportunity to grow your cash value based on investment performance

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term life insurance
Term-100 Life Insurance

Term-100 covers you for your entire life, guaranteeing a payout upon your death or when you turn 100.

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